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The Heiress in his Bed by Tamara Lejeune

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Back Cover: Lady Viola Gambol flees to London and poses as a maid in a boarding house. Little does she know that the 'boarding house' is actually a brothel-until the owner auctions Viola off to the highest bidder! Viola vows to fight off the auction's winner, Julian Devize-but her immense attraction to the scoundrel is making that very hard to do...

Though this is a commonly used plot, Lejeune manages to spice thing up with her fun characters. Immediately into the novel, I found myself adoring Dickon, Lady Viola's brother who is determined that she hurry up and produce a nephew for him to make into his heir (pretty certain the man is asexual) and Julian Devize, the lead male, who has been called "cold, hard, and hungry" due this his work as a stock broker. He has caused banks to crash in the past and lives and breaths the Exchange.

The beginning of the novel I ended up skimming through - I just didn't have too much interest in it until I reached the part where Lady Viola was sold. That's when I really got into the novel and from the point to the end I had quite a fun time with the novel.

Overall, 7/10.