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[SM] R Season Drabble

R Season Drabble
Fandom: Sailor Moon
Summary: Mamoru reacts to his dreams in a different manner.

For as long as he could remember, his princess had been a star in many of his dreams throughout his boyhood to adulthood. He had impressions of what was on the moon, the desperation of Serenity search for the crystal, the bliss of their reawakened love and now the tragedy that was her death. He dreamed of her in his arms after a beautiful white wedding, the slight caress of eternal happiness before chaos overthrew it all and wrecked havoc and destruction.

In his nightmare, Usagi died in his arms as an omniscient voice blamed it all on him.

His relationship with Usagi will be the reason why she will die. History has shown that it was a truth – Serenity and Sailor Moon destroyed herself to follow him to death. It was a route he too would take if she had died as well. Their souls were wound together so tightly that it wasn’t possible for them to exist without the other.

The voice told him to leave Usagi alone if he wanted her to live a full and happy life. His dream wanted him to let Usagi go.

Hell no, letting her go was not an option.

Breaking up with Usagi for her sake would be equivalent to giving Usagi to another man for her to love, cherish and live happily ever after with. There were tons of guys willing to go out with her and would be able to pick up her heart and put it back together again. However, the thought of Usagi in another’s arms, happy and carefree and loving with all her heart made a storm brew in him. He was not the better man. Years in the orphanage taught him that he had to hold onto the things that were important to him. He had been passed by many prospective parents and he knew that love was not something that came by so easily for him.

Mamoru knew that to keep the happiness that he had, he had to become stronger.

He needed the golden crystal.

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